Elite Evolution presents it's first ever Health Hub. The Health Hub provides an opportunity for members and non members to address their health and fitness goals with Elite personal trainers and health professionals. The Health Hub will initially start with a MOT body assessment, which will help us identify your specific health needs so we can then address those areas of concern through exercise and nutrition.  


Blood Pressure 



Hip to waist ratio 


All participants will receive a MOT card where their assessments will be documented each month. You will meet with one of our health professionals and come up with month-to-month goals and specific targets that are realistic and tailored to you. 

Elite Evolution will provide a place that is sociable, friendly and safe for you to be able to share your journey with others. Fitness and health tips will also be available to help further improve your lifestyle and achieve your goals.


Working towards your goals is hard work and hard work will not go unnoticed or unrewarded. There will be progress prizes, gifts and incentives which will include personal training, sports massage, monthly membership, sportswear and much more. "Get involved and sign up today!"

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Health Hub:
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