Kids 2 Elite

Kids 2 Elite coaching aims to encourage and motivate children to the best they can be. We do this through our fun and innovative style of teaching making sure each child has the opportunity to bring their individual talent to our sessions.

Kids 2 Elite coaches are well equipped to teach the basic fundamentals and skills of exercise and nutrition, which can be transferable outside of sports. We use the four corners of learning when we work with children in the session. Technical, physical, psychological and social foundations to achieving the full potential of the young person

Half Term and Summer Holiday Camp 

Elite Evolution's half term and summer holiday camp sessions aims to keep children active, fit and having fun while they have time of school, Our sessions will create healthy lifestyles, competitions and positive sportsman/woman ship. There will be awards and acknowledgement of the young people who participate.  

Alexandra Park 2013

Hindle House Community 2015

Summer Camp in association with Inspired and Princess May School 2016

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