Skipping Challenge 


  • Break down the Exercise reps and time to suit you however all reps and time must be complete by the end of each session
  • Freestyle skipping in a warm up and should be performed at moderate intensity you can choose any skipping style you like
  • It’s ok to stop, just make sure you pick up where you left off, stay focused & continue.
  • Alternative leg skip, left leg, right leg or right leg left leg equals to one jump.
  • Explosive jump skips are performed with 2 feet jumping as high as you can each time
  • Try and complete the Double unders challenge target in a row, if you are struggle then just complete the target rep even if you are doing one double under at a time. 
  • Elite skippers should add the double under rep from day 1 e.g. if you completed 20 Double unders in a row on day 1 then day 2 you are to complete 22 double unders.
  • Rest on rest days
  • Consistency is key!