Power Walking works on the entire body and is a great way to burn body fat, especially around those unwanted places like the thighs, bus and even the back of the arms. Power walking is for everybody whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete Power Walking has everything you need to keep you fit strong and healthy.

What should I wear?

  • Top: T-Shirt, hoodies, jumpers, no denim
  • Bottom: jogging bottoms, shorts, no denim
  • Footwear: comfortable trainers. Avoid plimsolls, canvas or day shoes

The benefits of Power Walking

  •  Helps maintain a healthy weight
  •  Boosts your metabolism
  •  Reduces body fat
  •  Increases cardio fitness levels
  •  Increase muscle tone and firmness
  •  It’s a full body workout
  •  Helps to lower your blood pressure
  •  Stress relief
  •  Friendly environment

Class Structure

  1. Introduction
  2. Warm Up
  3. Power Walking
  4. Circuit
  5. Cool Down & Stretch