We’re a health, fitness and sports development organisation that provides various services in the local community. We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of groups and individuals in an empowering and positive way. 

The three main goals we try to achieve are:

 1. To encourage and enable people of all ages, gender and ethnicity to have access to physical training and exercise.

 2. To help improve the mental well being of individuals by supporting mental health, reducing depression, anxieties and stress through fitness and competitive sport. Giving individuals in our communities the ability to cope with challenges, by building self-confidence and self-esteem.

 3. To create a community hub amongst participants, giving individuals the opportunity to interact, build positive relationships and socialise in a safe environment.


We would like to offer our services within your establishment starting off with a single fitness class once a week. With offer a wide variety of fitness classes such us boxing, circuits, boot camps, legs bums and tums, Pilates and mindfulness and much more.

Mental Health Workshops 

The workshops will look at a holistic strategic approach giving participants opportunities to share their experiences and create forums to find advice and tips to help manage and improve mental health.