Wellbeing in the Workplace

Elite Evolution believes health and fitness in the workplace is great for improving the wellbeing and morale for employees. These classes are dedicated to making sure your staff are physically fit and healthy as well as improving ones mental and psychological state of mind. Our sessions will also help to build and create a social and team bonding atmosphere which is great for developing employee relationships.

Team Activities

- Dodgeball

- Obstacle Team Course

- Tug of War

Elite Evolution Classes

- Legs Bums and Tums

- Circuit Training

- Boxing classes

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"We thoroughly enjoyed our fitness classes each week. We had fun, got fitter and looking forward to having more sessions in the next academic year"

"I didn't think i would be saying this but it was really good! I've discovered adrenaline and I wanted to push myself. Everyone was really positive and looking forward to next week."

"I have never taken part in fitness classes before but classes with Elite Evolution has shown me how important fitness is to my health and I love it." Ms Choi

"Everybody loved the session, we cannot wait for next week all the teachers were amazed" Sasha Kelly


"The fitness class was out of this world"


"We cant wait to experience this class. I just want to build strength and do a press up"


"Excellent. All enjoyed and already looking forward to the next"